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100% Guarantee on all Wood Carving Knives

Three spoons in, I have to report I love your knife. It's an all-round performer for what I do, with a great blade shape and fabulous ability to hold an edge + a comfy handle. It lops through the local cedar like a hot knife through butter and does a good job dealing with hard, snaggy olive too. Thanks for the great carving knife! -Charles

Your wood carving tools, are as personal and individual as your wood carving technique. Great wood carving knives must be comfortable and able to hold a razor sharp edge for a long time. In an effort to keep with these standards, I work hard to provide you the best in wood carving knives, spoon carving knives, and sharpening supplies, made with old world methods and craftsmanship.

I hand forge, finish and polish each of these knives per order.

Please enjoy the free patterns page, explore shop talk to learn more about wood carving, sharpening, wood carving knives and their construction. Sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date with new wood carving tools and information to help you with your woodcarving passion.

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