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Give a Knife to Make Their Carving More Fun

wood carving knives

wood carving knife

Oh What a Knife! 
This knife[General Carver] is a work of art. I ordered the 2” blade to fill the gap between my straight-edge carver and my morakniv sloyd blade. It’s the perfect fit. It has a straight section that blends nicely into the curved end of the blade. Spend the extra bucks for the figured handle. What a beauty. - Chris

detail wood carving knife

Great Spoon Knife
Great spoon knife, great looking handle. Cuts well right out of the mailer. Used it for a 5 day class and just had to strop it now and then. - Norb

1000's of Carvers are Already Carving Better

Beginner Carving Set
My carving took an immediate leap with the quality of these knives, only wish I could give them 6 stars. - Wendell