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A Good Knife Will Do That

wood carving knives

wood carving knife

Oh What a Knife! 
This knife[General Carver] is a work of art. I ordered the 2” blade to fill the gap between my straight-edge carver and my morakniv sloyd blade. It’s the perfect fit. It has a straight section that blends nicely into the curved end of the blade. Spend the extra bucks for the figured handle. What a beauty. - Chris

Let Us Make Your Next Carving Knife

detail wood carving knife

Great Spoon Knife
Great spoon knife, great looking handle. Cuts well right out of the mailer. Used it for a 5 day class and just had to strop it now and then. - Norb

Scalpel Blade
Very impressed with the workmanship put into this blade, I would say a top quality blade. - Jack