Hand forged woodcarving knife

Quality Hand Forged Knives Built for Carving

wood carving knives
spoon carving hook knife
wood carving knife
wood carving knives
hand forged wood carving knife
sloyd carving knife

 Each wood carving knife is individually handcrafted by me, Paul Jones, in my shop deep in the northern woods of Minnesota. These wood carving tools are made in small batches and constructed with wood carvers in mind. I look forward to making your next carving knife.

Great Spoon Knife
Great spoon knife, great looking handle. Cuts well right out of the mailer. Used it for a 5 day class and just had to strop it now and then. - Norb

Beginner Carving Set
My carving took an immediate leap with the quality of these knives, only wish I could give them 6 stars. - Wendell