Detail Carver - Carving Knife Blank

Smaller bladed carving knife blank to get in those hard to get to details and small incising. 3 lengths available.

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  • 1 3/4 inch
  • 2 inch
  • 1 1/4 inch


A carving knife blank for all your detail work. Smaller bladed carving knives get in those hard to get places. This is the Blade only version of our detail carver. drill your hole into your favorite pice of wood, put in a little epoxy, install your blade, and you have a custom fitted detail carving knife. This is the knife blank only. 5/16" diameter steel. Ground and tempered to carve softer woods. Harder woods will require that you strop more often.This wood carving knife comes to you sharp and ready to use.
How We Make a Carving Knife Blank - Video


      PLEASE remember you are ordering a hand made carving knife, not something stamped out by a machine. As with any handmade item there are differences in the exact construction, therefore the knife may vary slightly from the photos shown. The wood handle you see in the photo may not be the exact color and figure pattern you receive. Photo may not be actual size, please refer to given dimensions.
      Our blades have a near mirror finish. This alows the blade move through the wood smoothly. There may be tooling marks still on the blade which do not affect the performance of the knife.
      Each carving knife is individually made and we make every effort to get your knife in the mail within 10 working days, this allows 4 days for shipping. So approximately 2 weeks, give or take a day or two. Please feel free to ask any questions before ordering.

  • Blade Material: Our wood carving knives are individually forged from W1 tool steel, the benefit of this kind of steel is that it produces a nice hardness that can be easily sharpened and stay sharp for a long time.
  • Tang Length: Approx. 1 1/2" Diameter 5/16"