Sharpening Strop - 4 inch

Combine this 4 inch honing strop with your favorite sharpening compound to keep your wood carving knives razor sharp.

More details

  • 4 inch (leather size)
  • 8 inch (leather size)


Stropping your carving tools is essential to keep carving an enjoyable pastime. This strop is constructed of white oak or ash with high grade leather. The back side has a slit cut into it, to insert your choice of sandpaper for more aggressive sharpening.
Available in 2 sizes:
4" - Approx. Leather Size: 2" x 4"
Approx. Overall Length: 8 1/2"
8" - Approx. Leather Size: 2" x 8"
Approx. Overall Length: 12"

With your sharpening strop you will also receive:
1- 600 grit cloth backed sandpaper
Full Color Instructions