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Wood Carving Instruction

How to Do it Productions
How to carve a wood spirit and how to carve a profile wood spirit DVD
and book with another coming soon. A information packed site on how to carve, you will not be disappointed. Also, check out their selection of how to videos and books.

Wood 'N Wildcraft
Rick offers a variety of wood carving classes for Cub Scouts to Seniors. As Rick says "anyone coordinated enough to walk and think at the sam time can learn to woodcarve". You will learn all the basics and can then hone your skills in the more advanced classes.

American Woodcarving
A Wood Carving School in Wayne, New Jersey that offers Woodcarving & Sculpture classes on an ongoing basis.

Carvings and Canvas
Perry has a lot of information to share, from teaching to resources. His site is dedicated to the Joy of Woodcarving and the Promotion and Preservation of woodcarving as an Artform!