Hook Knives

Hook Knives

Handforged Hook and Spoon Knives

Spoon carving knives or hook knives are great for carving wooden spoons, bowls and Kuksa cups.

Knife Subcategories

  • Spoon Hook Knife

    Hook Knives for Spoon Carving
    How to Sharpen a Spoon Knife -Click to watch video on YouTube
    This guy does a good job of giving you the basics to keep your blade sharp. Advance video to about 3 minutes in for the sharpening instructions.

  • Twca Cam

    A continuous radius blade allows you to carve bowls, kuksas and even the bowl of a spoon, leaving a smooth finish for minimal sanding.

  • Sloyd Knife

    This carving knife can be used for spoon carving, whittling, marking, and general bushcraft, woodworking and handicrafts. A tool that originated in Sweden and used as part of an education system called Slojd. Our Sloyd knives are made of high carbon steel to get the job done on any green wood working project.