Skinny Sloyd Knife

This "skinny" version of our Sloyd knife has a profile that is suitable for fine finishing cuts on a spoon while still providing a good edge for roughing out. We've left some of the original forging texture for a rustic look. Measures approx. 1/2" at its widest point on profile. Forged from round stock W1 steel, hollow ground and fitted into a solid oak, maple or figured wood handle.

More details

  • 2 inch
  • 2 1/2 inch
  • 3 inch
  • Figured/Burl Wood
  • Tiger/Curly Maple
  • Oak Handle
  • Blade Only
  • Yes Add a Sheath
  • No Sheath


Sloyd is a word derived from the Swedish word Slöjd meaning handiwork or crafts. Sloyd was actually a part of the Swedish educational system in the 1870s, not a knife. However, over time the name has become synonymous with the knife we all know as a Sloyd Knife. The use of the Sloyd Knife was one of the first things to be taught, and was the foundation that all other skills were built on.
How Our Carving Tools Are Made - Video

    PLEASE remember you are ordering a hand made carving tool, not something stamped out by a machine. As with any handmade item there are differences in the exact construction, therefore the knife may vary slightly from the photos shown. The wood handle you see in the photo may not be the exact color and figure pattern you receive. Photo may not be actual size, please refer to given dimensions.

    Each Sloyd Knife is individually made and we make every effort to get your knife in the mail within 15-20 working days, allowing approx. 4 days for shipping. So approximately 2-3 weeks, give or take a day or two. Please feel free to ask any questions before ordering.


  • Knife Handle Length: The handles are approximately5 1/2" in length. This does vary due to the fact that all the handles are handmade. There may be slight variations in the size and shape.
  • Handle Material: Each handle is hand-shaped out of solid maple.
  • Blade Material: Durable W1 tool steel