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Upswept Detail Knife

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Nice little upswept carving knife. Great for smaller carvings and detail work. Handle is tiger maple. Please see photos for dimensions. Feel free to ask if you have any further questions about this knife.

Available to Order Tues. Feb. 22nd



  • Reference: Twca

    Twca Cam

    A symmetrical blade made of a continuous radius. Used to create bowls, Kuksa cups, shallow spoons, etc. Efficiently removes wood and leaves a nice smooth finish. Available in 2 sizes - 2 1/2"(65mm) or 2" (50mm), Right or Left Hand(see photos or description below). These are available with a 14" oak handle or blade only.

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  • Reference: 301F

    Spoon Hook Carver

    A spoon carving knife is the tool to have when carving spoons, bowls and kuksa cups. Some people call them hook knives or bent blades. 3 lengths and 2 handle options available, or just the blank. Available in hollow ground or flat ground. Specify Right or Left handed blade(see photos or description below).

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  • Reference: SBC

    Sloyd Bushcraft Knife

    If you need a rugged durable knife for green woodworking, this is it. Made from D2 steel this blade is made to carve tough wood. Sutible for spoon carving, kuksa carving and more. 3 blade lengths and 3 different wood options for your handle. If you want to customize your own handle these are also available as a knife blank only.

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  • Reference: SSK

    Skinny Sloyd Knife

    This is your all around carving Sloyd knife. Skinnier than our Bushcraft blade and made to take those tight curves on a spoon or kuksa. Made from W1 round stock tool steel. It holds an edge well with just stropping. 3 blade lengths in a straight or upswept probile, and 3 different wood options for your handle - or just the blade.

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