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Sheaths for woodcarving knives and Sloyd knives and Spoon Hook knives. Fits all of the Deepwoods Ventures knives and also other makers knives.

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    Protect your blade from getting dinged or chipped. This flexible sheath will hold tight to most knives on the market today. Opens to approx. 1" diameter and 5 1/2" long. A water repellent neoprene covers a durable leather inner layer. Medium size fits all of the Deepwoods Ventures knives excluding Sloyd knives. Large fits most carving knives on the...

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    A simple solution to a hook knife cover. A one size fits all, simple to use cover for all your spoon/hook knives or twca blades. No need for a different case for each hook knife.A sheath made from 100% recycled material fitted with a elastic strap to hold your hook knife securely between to pieces of protective foam. Fits most hook knives on the market...

  • Reference: Sloyd sheath

    A full leather quality sheath for our Sloyd Knives. Full welt to prevent the knife from cutting through the stitching. Will fit both our Bushcraft and Skinny Sloyd knives.

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items