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Some people call it sharpening compound, some people call it honing compound. Whatever you call it, this compound will keep you woodcarving tools razor sharp. No mixing and measuring, just work it into your sharpening...
Protect your blade from getting dinged or chipped. Flexible sheath to hold tight to your knife. Opens to approx. 1" diameter and 5-1/2" long. A layer of neoprene covers a 2-3oz. leather inner layer. MEDIUM...
A sharp woodcarving tool is more fun to carve with. Strop your carving knife every few minutes while carving to keep your carving tools razor sharp. Constructed of oak and leather. The back side has...
This is a more aggressive sharpening or honing compound. No mixing and measuring, just work it into your strop and you are ready to sharpen. A fine blend of silicon carbide and aluminum oxide in...
A full leather quality sheath for our Sloyd Knives. Full welt to prevent the knife from cutting through the stitching. Will fit both our Bushcraft and Skinny Sloyd knives.
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