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How Our Knives Are Made

Our wood carving knives are individually forged from W1, round stock, tool steel. The benefit of this kind of steel is that it produces a nice hardness that can be easily sharpened and stay sharp for a long time. The steel is first pounded flat with a hammer and anvil. Next the blades go to the grinder/sander, where they are smoothed down and given their rough shape. Then they are quenched and triple tempered. Finally, the knife will go through a series of finish grinds, to give it the exact shape. Then onto buffing, to make it shiny, and last it is sharpened and tested before going to the customer.

The final finish is considered a satin finish, because you may still see some of the tooling marks on the blade. Once the blade is finished, they are inserted into a hardwood handle. The Deepwoods deer track is then branded into the handle before the final finish is applied.

Our wood carving knives are Rockwell Certified to a hardness of RC60-62. This degree of hardness makes them easy to sharpen on a simple sharpening strop.

The handles are made from hardwood, figured and non figured. I try to source locally what I can. Customers have commented that our wood carving knives are comfortable to carve with for many hours. Combine all those features and you get a wood carving knife that is not only high quality, but also great to look at.

It is our hope that your purchase from Deepwoods Ventures makes wood carving even more pleasurable. Please note this is a very condensed version of making knives.