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  • Reference: SSK

    This is your all around carving Sloyd knife. Skinnier than our Bushcraft blade and made to take those tight curves on a spoon or kuksa. Made from W1 round stock tool steel. It holds an edge well with just stropping. Forging marks left on for a rugged look. Suitable for spoon carving, kuksa carving and more. 3 blade lengths and 3 different wood options for...

  • Reference: 103F

    This wood carving knife is sharpened along the entire base and around the tip to blade back. Great for scoring, undercutting, and cleaning out. This wood carving knife is fitted with a  hardwood handle of your choice.  2 lengths available.

  • Reference: sheath

    Protect your blade from getting dinged or chipped. This flexible sheath will hold tight to most knives on the market today. Opens to approx. 1" diameter and 5 1/2" long. A water repellent neoprene covers a durable leather inner layer. Medium size fits all of the Deepwoods Ventures knives excluding Sloyd knives. Large fits most carving knives on the...


Woodcarving Knives and Green Woodworking Tools - Reviews for Deepwoods Ventures knives.

Great Wood Carving Knifestars_1.gif
Have been using this knife for spoon carving. Holds an edge great, easy to sharpen, comfortable to hold and use. The figured handles are beautiful. Highly recommend! - Lesley

These wood carving knives are beautiful, I have had one or the other in my hand for many hours today they're my new favorite tools. I can't seem to put any of your knives down. I'll be back soon for more. Thank you. - Gary

Each Wood Carving Knife is Hand Forged, Ground and Heat Treated...

We are a small knife shop - just myself and my wife. Each blade is individually forged, heat treated and ground for your order in my shop in Northern Minnesota. We make each woodcarving knife so that your carving time will by more enjoyable and easier. We get asked a lot - "What is the best knife for wood carving?" Of course, we answer - "our wood carving knives". But there are a lot of variables that go into the best knife for your carving. CLICK HERE to check out all the different styles of wood carving knives to see which knife is best for your wood carving.

Woodcarving Knives for Carving and Whittling

Whether your looking for the best wood carving knives, how to sharpen a wood carving knife, or just getting started and want to know what are the best wood carving tools for beginners. We got you covered. Our wood carving knives are the best around for carving, whittling and green woodworking projects.

From green woodworking tools to whittling knives. We strive to create the knife that will become your favorite. Sloyd knives, Twca Cam blades, detail carving knivesroughout carving knives and sharpening supplies to keep them razor sharp.

We look forward to making your favorite wood carving knife.

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